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Awareness Tips


Awareness Tips

Below are some helpful tips to follow while you are in different situations and environments. 


On Dates / Social Settings

  • Always let someone know where you are going to be. At all times. 
  • Don't leave your drink unattended. 
  • Get your own drink and open it yourself. 
  • Have your own ride home. 
  • Avoid secluded places. 
  • Avoid people who ignore your feelings or try to make decisions for you. 
  • Set limits for yourself. 
  • Be assertive and say what you want. 

At Home

  • Leave some lights on at home. Leave the porch light on if you are leaving home for the evening. 
  • Use the "peephole" when someone is at the door. 
  • Never open your door for people you do not know or know well. 
  • Never allow a stranger to enter when you are alone. 
  • Use deadbolt locks when home alone. Always keep doors locked. 


  • Use the buddy system. Try to walk as a group. 
  • Plan your route and walk confidently. 
  • Avoid alleys and other isolated spots. 
  • Be aware of who is around you. 
  • If you are being followed, go into a store or knock on a door for help. 

In Your Car

  • Have your keys out and ready when walking to your car, especially at night. 
  • Be aware of cars, trucks, vans parks in area or beside your vehicle. 
  • Check the back seat and underneath your car before getting in it. 
  • Keep your car doors locked, even when you are in it. 
  • If possible, carry a cell phone. 

On Your Phone:

  • If you receive an obscene phone call, hang up. 
  • Do not let anyone know that you are home by yourself.